Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya 2011

Hello everybody there...Assalamualaikum

Really a long break for me who never update my own blog. It seems 24hrs it is not enough to do my list. I'm a Single fighter@Wu Lan's Kitchen...as a driver, bakul kue, moms, wife, what ever you named it...

Alhamdulillah mercy to Allah..who gave me a good health and blessed with so kind of family and friends. Cookies and cakes ordered during last Raya its completed. Hope you all friends love and enjoy my handmade cakery.

This Raya its so special for us, that we celebrated Raya together In Indonesia with our big family. Even plan" balik kampung" its unplan and sudden but we managed to went to Jogya-Bandung, and view places surrounding , visited many interesting places, and also always meet the terrific jammed. But we all enjoy it very much...And from myself, i managed to attend the private class with NCC to learned "Ayam Kodok" one of my hubby favorites food.

Short happy notes to share from me and from Wu Lan's Kitchen family member wish you " HaPpY Eid Mubarak"

Hope we meet again next year with a blessed Ramadhan.....amin yra.

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