Friday, February 10, 2012

Black Forest Roll

THis BF Roll ordered by Desy for her 10th wedding anniversary.  Thanks bunda for the order.
The cake was very soft, with the dark cherry filling and fully chocolate taste.

Black Forest Roll
recipe by Ricke "Bunda Nadhifa"

Ingredients :

Ingredients. A
12 yolks
6 whites
125 gram castor sugar
1 tbsp emulsifier
direction : mixed all the ingredients until soft peak

Ingredients B
50 gr all purpose flour
10 gr corn flour
40 gr cocoa/chocolate powder
20 gr milk powder
1/4 tsp baking powder
direction : shifted all the dry ingredients, put aside.

Ingredients C
100 gr Margarine
30 gr butter
1 tsp paste black forest
2 tbsp water

others ingredients:

strawberry/blueberry jam as need it.
whipped cream for covering the cake
shredded dark cooking chocolate for garnish
red cherry for garnish 

Baking pan :
2 pcs 24x24x4 cm
1 pcs 32x32x4 cm

Direction :

1. grease the pan, and cover with baking paper, put a side
2. heat up the oven for 190'c
3. Mixed the Ingredients A until soft peak (firm), put in ingredients B mixed well or mixed with the lowest speed, and then put in the ingredients C one by one, until really mixed well.
4. pour the batter into the baking pan, bake for 20-25 minutes, make sure the surface of the cake is dry but still soft. If the surface of the cake to dry will cracked when you roll it.

Arrangement :
1. Prepare a kitchen towel which cover with baking paper the size should be bigger than the cake size.
2. Put upside down the cake which came from the oven to the baking paper, start to roll it up, each roll push with spatula to set it up. If finish to roll up the cake leave it until the cake is cool.
3. open the roll gently, spread the jam and darck cherry slices inside, and roll it up neatly. Let it for a few minutes to set it, or you can put in the fridge to set the cake.
4. ANytime ready you can open the baking paper and start to icing the cake, cover the cake with whipped cream or buttercream, cover evenly and pour the shredded dark cooking chocolate, put the red cherry for the final.
5. ready to serve.

Cars 2 for Ihsan

"Dont forget ya mom, cars 2 design not cars 1"
that's the prerequisite for this cake. I was thinking what's the different between 1 and 2, since i don't have a son, so need to survey about the Cars.

Now...already knows what's the different, basically almost same only the back wing of the cars, the pattern on the body, and the sticker on the trunk.
I did my best to created this cars 2 for Ihsan birthday..hope he enjoy the birthday with the cars cake. And thanks for the order.

Black Forest for Rockmama

She loves blackforest very much...she ordered this cake to celebrate her owned birthday with her lovely son. The birthday fall same as a date of CNY celebration...
beside that she ordered a jumbo size of BF to share with her colleagues.

Happy birthday rockmama...
May Allah always blessed you, give you a long life with full of wealth and health.
and many thanks for the orders.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Chinese New Year Celebrated with Blueberry cheesecake which covered with blueberry and peach slices to cheer up your new year.
Basically same as strawberry cheesecake, only change the topping as your desire.
Thanks for the order and may the year of dragon brings you a prosperity.

cookies for CNY

pineapple tart in production for Chinese New Year Celebration.......

Princess Aurora for Salwa

Her lovely mother ordered this pink aurora cake for her 4th birthday, she loves pink very much...
when i delivered the cake to her house, and looked at her face saw the birthday cake, her face so happy hehehe...
thanks for the order mom...and happy birthday princess Salwa...may Allah always blessed you.
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