Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Aneka Orderan

Siomay and Otak-otak tenggiri fish...a delicious food from tenggiri fish.
Ordered by Ay Ling, Ummi Yayuk and Dewi, hope you all enjoy this dishes.....

Angry Bird for Rakha

This cake was ordered from Bunda Ita for her son birthday with angry bird theme completed. Moist chocolate cake as a based and ganache filling inside the cake.
Thanks for the ordered mom.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Black Forest untuk bunda IDA

Beginning January got ordered from Bunda Ita, she wanted to gave a birthday cake surprise for her lovely sister birthday Bunda Ida, which actually she's a home baker too like me....waaa kind a great had to made a cake for a special mom like bunda ida.

Beside that Bunda Ita also ordered an Angry bird cake for her lovely son birthday which 1 day different with her sister.

Thanks for the ordered mom, Hope you all enjoyed the cake...and a had a great one.

A Log Cake

A Log cake made from 2 swiss roll cakes, with the chopped peach filling inside. Covered with chocolate buttercream and sprinkle icing donut.

really enjoy when decorated this cake...thanks for the order hope you all enjoyed and
had a beautiful festive season...

Airplane 3D cake


Even though 2011 was over, i just had time to posted my last ordered during december 2011. Many things had to do during dec 2011-jan 2012. Before January 2012 click over i will posted some of my creation during that period.
I got this order from my friend for her customer, she wasn't able to received the order that time. A bit worry at the beginning knowing my knowledge in cake decorating not good as her. Afraid her customer will disappointed with the result, but again i tried to do my best.

Back to the project, as a 3D cake the most difficulty is in the carving part to get exactly same shape, even away from perfection but i did my best to carved it.  To cover fondant in the oval shape also a challenged for me.  

The appearance of this cake can't  smooth as the cake was cheesecake with macadamia,  even the nut very fine grated still can see the rough surface of the nuts. But finally i did it....hopefully she enjoy the cake. Many thanks for the orders friend, with hopefully delights of this cake.



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