Sunday, November 20, 2011

Choco Ball by Hannah

Looks nice and yummy right the picture above???
those made by my lovely daughter Hannah...that morning she asked me whether she can used the leftover cake crumbs in the kitchen or not. She said she want to make it as choco ball.
then i asked her how you made it? then she explained to me how to make it. Great idea've a talent like me...hehehe.

This is the way...
1. crush the cake crumbs like a sand particle
2. pour the chocolate Hersey syrup mixed evenly until enough to roll out and not stick to the hand
3. make a ball put into the small cupcake then sprinkle with colorful cookies decoration
4. ready to serve and eat...

so now..if you have left over cake/cupcake which don't know what to do?? just make a choco ball the easiest way to make it and asked your children to help you around with, you'll have a great and quality time with them.

here's my lovely daughter while she did the choco ball....

looks cute and nyummy, perfect for children birthday party right??

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